Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Friends Help Encourage Us

What do you do when your world falls apart?
Who do you turn to for encouragement?
Life is tough and we need others to help us.

The stigma of depression prevents many from getting the help they need to battle this disease. Studies like this one show that the primary factor in resilience is having strong family relationships and maintaining a supportive network of family and friends. New ads targeting friends say,"What if you knew your friendship was the key to their recovery, would you still lock them out of your life."

Friends can do alot to help each other. There are simple steps you can take and encouraging words you can say to help another. The present of your presence is a big step that encourages.

What are some of the most helpful things your friends have done to encourage you when you have been depressed?


Anonymous said...

Kay, I have bipolar w/psychotic features, generalized anxiety disorder, and a few other physical problems,as well. There was a period ten years ago when I spent nine months in a hospital. The things that help me most are being treated with respect and taken seriously, even when issues seem obvious or less than warranting of attention; not being asked if I've, "taken my medication today"; being given space when I need it; being allowed to sleep until I wake up-what a great healer that is; and finally-helping someone else!


Yes. I endorse your views. Its only friends and your close family --wife,children & grand children - who are the sources of joy in life.

Henry said...

I think you need to join some support groups and try to linked with those person who can give you encouragement

Kay the Encourager said...

Hey how do I find and then link to those groups--I a new to this computer stuff!