Friday, April 6, 2007

Easter Encouragement

In my mind, Easter is the most encouraging of all holidays.

First of all, it signals the end of dark, depressing days of winter and heralds the coming of new life in nature, the Spring season. This is a benefit to living in an area of four distinct seasons; you realize it takes a powerful creative being to orchestrate that kind of change in the earth. Things look lighter and brighter after the darkness.

The same is true in the emotional realm of the mind. If you never experience sadness, you don't receive joy with the same exuberance and lightness of being. If you don't know the destruction of death, you don't know the preciousness of life. Secondly, Easter is encouraging because it signals promise of new life within a human being. With this hope, we understand the power to change our darkness to His light.

Third, it signals new life for eternity. We become inspired and encouraged when we read stories of good deeds people perform for others. It gives us hope for humanity. But the most selfless act of sacrifice was when Jesus voluntarily laid down his life for the world and then rose again on what we now call Easter. Many have tried to refute this but the overwhelming evidence shows His Resurrection was a reality. Those that accept and believe this as truth will no longer have to face the last enemy of life-death.

And that is why I exclaim Easter to be the most the most encouraging holiday of all!

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