Friday, June 15, 2007

Father's T-I-M-E Spells Encouragement

When I asked my husband what he would do differently raising our three children, he immediately said, "I would spend more time building great memories, being involved and encouraging in the details of young lives.

Our son's friend sheepishly told me he was the product of his parent's third marriage. 'They didn't have much time for me,' his sad tone spoke volumes.

Our pastor shared his son's favorite activity on a boundary waters camping trip was 'time spent with you, Dad.'

Some time ago, a paper circulated titled What Ryan Holladay(11 years) and His Friends Want Their Parents to Know. The time issues were huge.
*Always make time for me.
*I want to know you like to spend time with me.
*Take time to explain things to me.

A father's time is valuable. There is work to be done, bills to be paid, planes to catch, time for hobbies....

Parents, too often by actions, communicate kids are disposable after everything else on their to-do list. Studies show that a child interprets lack of time spent with the parent as a form of rejection and often that produces harmful emotions such as worthlessness, anger and poor self-image.

Cat Stevens words are chilling.
'I said "I'd like to see you if you don't mind"
He said "I'd love to dad If I could find the time.
You see my new jobs a hassle, and the kids have the flu.
But it's sure nice talking to you, dad, It's been sure nice talking to you........"
And as I hung up the phone It had occured to me
He'd grown up just like me, my boy, was just like me..............'

Encourage your child with your time!

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