Sunday, July 15, 2007

Encouragement for the Present Moment

Our pastor shared how our future can motivate our mindset today. What did he mean? How can looking forward encourage us to persevere through difficult moments we might be facing now?

He shared that when he was facing a tough schedule with several upcoming jobs he was not particularly fond of, he found his mind thinking about a future trip he had planned to Colorado. He realized he could face anything he was going through after he took a "pre-mini-vacation" in his mind. Thinking about his future trip motivated his present attitude and with that his actions.

You might not be able to take a break where you actually leave your area, but what about a solitary sojourn on your lunch hour. What have you always wanted to see or do in your hometown? How about pictures of places you want to go visit but haven't had the chance to do so. Travel magazines in the library provide me with a wonderful escape route free of charge. It might be time to investigate the endless possibilities that you have not considered before.

What refreshes and energizes you? If you don't know, it would be valuable to ask yourself some questions to get to know yourself again. Questions such as what would I do with an extra hour in the day, what do I enjoy doing that I don't have time for or what new skills would I like to acquire give clues to new interests that might serve as rejuvenation for you.

There is a vitality, a life force, an energy for you in this present moment as you explore a whole new world. It could be a real place or a space in your mind.
Get going. Enjoy your present!

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