Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Encouragement Is What It Takes

Do you know what it takes to be successful? There are as many different stories as there are people. Everyone has their own formula.
There are certain similar traits.
Successful people have a passion and zest for life. They are grateful for each new day and live life completely.
Successful people know the mind is the most powerful part of the body and the body will go as far as the mind tells it to. Athletes know this makes the difference in their sport.
Successful people are positive people and although they might experience mistakes or even failure, they know how to encourage themselves and try again.
Successful people know how to replace negative self talk with positive talk which relaxes the body and thus maximizes its performance.
Successful people know perceptions are formed in the first 10 seconds of a meeting so they look a person in the eye and extend their hand in greeting.
Successful people know the importance of a name so they learn how to associate and memorize names.
Successful people know how to make people comfortable because they are comfortable with who they are.
Bill O'Reilly says it is of vital importance to learn. The competition is fierce.
You can do it--I will help. Check out How to encourage

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jane lee said...

I love to read and be inspired...@ my age I need to read things over & over due to "s.t.m.l."- so I appreciate someone pulling quotes, thoughts,verses,etc. on encouragement altogether as reminders to press on in life!!!