Friday, November 9, 2007

Time for Encouragement

Encouragement takes time. Learning to be an encourager will have many intrusions and interruptions. I have a to-do list today that I want to be able to complete and cross off tasks tonight.

But I received a phone call from a hurting friend who needed a listening ear. Then I heard another friend's grandma died and I dashed out to get a card and mail it along with a care package to my college-age son from our church. My adult daughter called and wanted(actually wanted) some advice.

Soon my morning passed and I looked frustratingly at my list to see what I had done. Not much...unless I count the people who I encouraged and hopefully the lives I touched to try and make a difference.

Experts say, 'you have all the time there is.'
'You will never get caught up.'
Charles Swindoll says, "Being an encouragement to others requires a willingness to be interrupted."

I need to set priorities to free up my time to do things of higher value. Then my list will have people's names and faces on them and my life will count with tasks that matter the most.

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