Monday, January 14, 2008

Encouraging Words for Cancer(part 2)

It's been a week since Dad Gramm was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. One of the 'worst' if you can say that about a disease that really does not have a 'best' kind.

"Dad is a trooper", says Diane. "He is very matter of fact about his diagnosis and still has a very positive attitude because he knows he has so many prayer warriors. But we have begun to hear him reminisce a bit about what a good life he has had. Interestingly, he is watching 'Its a Wonderful Life' DVD this evening while I write this email and it seems to affect him in a good way. He's got cute humor, cute stories to tell, and occasionally seems fragile, near tears as we talk (as am I)."

He does not know how his body will handle the chemo treatments he now must begin taking. Will he be able to drive to Florida as was their original plan after the holidays? It's amazing that in two short weeks, his plans have taken an incredible turn.

What will this New Year hold for him? What will this year hold for any of us? Who will be left standing, who will be crawling and who will not even be breathing?

I'm reminded again what our pastor said last week. "God allows our anxious moments so that we will turn to Him. He wants to hear from us when our life takes unexpected turns as well as when our paths seem straight."

The promise is that He will give peace in the midst of pain. "And the peace of God will be with you..."

Not only His peace, but the promise of His presence. "And the God of peace will be with you." Philippians 4:9b

Promises to live by.

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