Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Encouragement Through Struggling

I came across the writings of Marie Scott and found they mirror what goes on inside of me. Only she can create eloquently with words, pictures of the good, bad and the ugly parts of my heart.

Here are some lines about Struggles:

"the gift in disguise,
the gift that makes the simple wise...

the dilemma we don't understand,
the experience we never seek...

looking deeper into our pain,
Is God teaching us truths
that we shouldn't disdain?"

I especially connected to these phrases because I have found this to be the secret of being a great encourager.

"Can our sufferings train us to care,
instructing us how to carry other's
burdens that they bear?

Developing in us empathy,
granting us new eyes to see...

One tool He may use to make us whole."

The best encourager is one who has been through the sorrows and comes out on the other side willing to share what they have learned to encourage the next fellow-struggler.

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