Sunday, February 10, 2008

Encouraging Words

Do you wonder if encouragement really matters? If what you say does make a difference in another's life or attitude?

Maybe you have been a recipient of encouraging words in your life or maybe not. But I am here to prove how powerful encouragement really is.

Here are some thank you notes written to encouragers.

"Thank you for your service and love in the __________ program. We are so blessed to have you sharing your time and love by caring for us."

"Thank you for your kind words; they really touched my heart at a time when I wasn't doing so well."

"We have hope because of your incredible generosity to me and my family."

"It was so refreshing and encouraging to spend the evening with you last night. It's important for me to stay connected to you."

"Your listening ear(s) are priceless."

"Thank you for who you are and your encouragement to us, and for continuing to walk alongside us, as we journey together for Him."

"We are standing firm because of your encouragement."

Words of encouragement from another allow us to see God's goodness and blot out our own discouragement. They do make a difference.

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