Monday, February 18, 2008

Extraordinary Encouragement

Encouragement is really about doing extraordinary acts of kindness for others. It often takes alot of courage.

Once you overcome the fear of rejection, take a risk and reach out to become the means of encouragement for another. When friends are in trouble, you need to act, not worry about overreacting. People in pain do not always make good choices.

Too often we are afraid of seeming judgemental or intruding into another's space, but there is nothing better than a friend who is willing to reach way out of their way to offer hope and help, whatever the case.

A friend of mine was expressing regrets over past mistakes. She cried, heartbroken that ‘no one really cared enough to get involved with the dirty details of my life.’

An extraordinary encourager is not afraid to ask the hard questions and get involved in the messy stuff in another's life. Sometimes asking permission helps, other times go with your gut and gently speak truth into the situation. You'll find people are waiting for that kind of love.

Someone must take the first step. An extraordinary encourager always does.

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