Saturday, May 10, 2008

Encouragement for MOMS

Just a word of encouragement for moms who think no one appreciates what you do for your family.

Hang in there.
Keep it up.
They notice what you do for them.
They do care about you.
Some day they will be able to show you in a very nice way.

I received a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers today delivered to my door from my son in Boston.

I received a gift certificate to a spa from my daughter in Indianapolis.

I received two bottles of wine from my daughter in Seattle.

All of my favorite things!

Although my adult daughters and son live far away from me and I miss them, I choose to pass along my nurturing needs/skills to others I find along the way.

Andrew, a college student, whose mom is in Brazil...
Jared, a young orphan/employee, whose mother died in an accident several years ago...
Jeremy and Jayden, two nephews who live miles from their grandma...

Look around--lots of people need a mother's touch. You can do it.

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