Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Encouragement for a Child's Soul

"We are here today in an extraordinary building," I said to the audience. "Look at the design, the way it all works." It is a functional beautiful work of art and protection against the elements.

"Does anyone know where this arena came from? It came from the invisible world of a toddler's soul," I told my audience. "One day, years ago, little Susie was just learning to walk."

As the story goes, she went into the playroom and stacked blocks one on top of another. And they stayed,and then she stacked one more on the top. It stayed.

"As she stacked the fourth block, something leapt inside her. She laughed with glee. She was so excited to see that a tower of blocks could be built and stay there..."

Her parents encouraged her, her teachers encouraged her.

"When she drew buildings, she felt talent and desire, she learned self-discipline and worked hard. She encouraged herself. This physical reality of a real structure in the real visible world, came from the invisible reality of a little girl's soul." A child needs encouragement at a young age, so they can take risks as they grow to create whatever they choose in their life.

With lots and lots of encouragement, our children can build the world!
Story from Dr. Henry Cloud

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