Thursday, March 5, 2009

Encouragement to Be Free from Your Past

Great encouragers inspire us to go places we never would go on our own and attempt things we never thought we could.

“Encouragement has a very basic message: Your past and present do not need to continue into your future. What is a reality today does not need to be what will be the reality of tomorrow.
If you are feeling unloved…you can feel love.
If you are weighed down in your spirit under a load of guilt…you can receive forgiveness.
If you are wallowing about in a cloud of confusion…you can experience God’s wisdom and guidance.
If you are in turmoil…you can have peace in your heart.
If you are alone and rejected…you can be accepted and surrounded by genuine Christian friends.
If you are feeling weak and helpless…you can experience God’s enabling presence and power.

Encouragement is speaking a word of hope. It is expressing to another person—and to yourself—the sure certainty that God created you with a greater potential for good and that God desires to help you fulfill your potential. Your future can be better than your past or present.”
Charles Stanley, Sharing the Gift of Encouragement, Thomas Nelson Press, 1998

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