Monday, May 11, 2009

The Value of Encouragement

I like this definition of encouragement that Caterina Spinaris Tudor, Ph.D., Director of Desert Waters Correctional Outreach (DWCO) and a Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Colorado, implements in her wellness vision statement. The mission of DWCO ( is to increase the occupational, personal and family well-being of staff of all disciplines within the corrections profession.

There are four areas that are pillars for corrections staff’s wellness. These involve Processing the emotional impact of the job, finding Antidotes to workrelated stressors, having a Vision for their life, and giving Encouragement to themselves and others.

Encouragement: This practice is about “speaking life” to self and others. Encouragement de-stresses and creates a positive atmosphere around the encourager. To encourage yourself, act like a good parent or a good coach toward yourself. Identify your abilities and strong points. Acknowledge any progress you make. Point out to yourself a job well done. Remind yourself that mistakes are learning opportunities. Speak words of life to others as well. Tell them about their strengths and improvements. Consistent encouragement is energizing. It can bring out the best in people. It causes positive people to be attracted to you and so form a supportive community around you, which contributes both to your well-being and theirs.

Once you learn how to encourage yourself, you can surround your family and friends with wonderful life-giving words and actions. For more secrets check out

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