Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mom Encouragement

Author Ruth Haley Barton says,
There are limits associated with this particular season of my life. There are the limits of this particular community and this particular set of relationships. There are physical limits of time and space, strength and energy. There are the limits of THIS calling that God has placed on my life, which means that I am not available for other callings.

Psalms 139 says God had a purpose in mind for you before you were even born and since you are all moms here—this calling—your children—is your purpose.

As moms, you are in for one of the most challenging seasons of your life-physical, mental and emotional. Your kids are changing so fast when they are this small—you just can’t get too comfortable, can you-you think you have something conquered and then some new issue arrives!

As moms, you have been given the most profound privilege—each of your children have been formed specifically and perfectly by God Himself, for a purpose, and your influence and responsibility cannot be overstated. You have been entrusted with this little body to strengthen and care for, a mind to develop and protect and a precious heart to prepare for eternity.

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