Thursday, November 12, 2009

Encouragement Benefits

What we do today right now, will have an accumulated effect on all our tomorrows. Alexandra Stoddard

Someone is enjoying shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.
Warren Buffet

Researchers at the University of North Carolina reached the conclusion that people who appreciate small moments of happiness, laughter and joy tend to be happy people who are more likely to be resilient against adversity and more successful in jobs, relationships and health.

That reinforces my passion for encouragement. What you do to encourage yourself and others matters. Who wants to be around a depressed discouraged person? It brings you down and is really bad for your health. It does make a difference in your future and the future of your loved ones.

This study says that if happiness is something you want out of life, then savor the small moments and cultivate happy. Barbara Frederick, the lead author of the study, goes on to encourage your focus to be on the every day pleasures in your life and letting your positive emotions blossom. She says as we worry less about our future and focus on those kind things that people do for us or the beauty in nature, that helps us build resources so we rebound better from stress, ward off depression and continue to grow.

That works for me! I know I'm on the right path to an encouraging lifestyle.

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