Thursday, November 30, 2006

Simple Soul Satisfying Christmas Encouragement

I want to give myself to the magic of Christmas. I want to feel the celebration. I want it to be warming to my heart and gentle on my soul.

So I'm on my way to find a simple, serene and soul satisfying season. One that doesn't leave me depleted at the end of December. One that makes me hopeful for the new year.

You see, my soul needs Christmas, so I just can't give up on it.

Since the holidays are usually confusion and chaos, what if I started with the opposite of that? What if I choose a quiet time-holy day-silent night? OK what if I started with an hour of silent meditation?

I need to shut out the input...boy, is that hard. My to do lists torment me swirling around in my head.

How about some Christmas music? I love the old familiar carols and new beautiful renditions of the old familiar carols.

I want the real miracle of Christmas to be upon me, to be able to delight in the celebration of the true reason for the season. I want to feel the pulse and experience the energy of a miracle that gives life to all who will listen.

Really what the silence can tell you and me.

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