Friday, December 1, 2006

Enlightened Encouragement for Dark Days

I woke up to rain--everywhere--and darkness. Not much light in this morning.

I'm fighting to keep from retreating back under the covers. As I stumble through the dark to the coffee, I'm wondering where is the Festival of Lights that commemorated a miracle so long ago? Is it possible...could it happen to me today?

I need light. I crave light. I turn on my white twinkling Christmas lights and gradually feel their soothing oil encourage me in my darkness.

Centuries ago, the temple oil burned abundantly for eight days. I'm looking for a simpler soulful abundant life in my journey in the present season. Could I find answers in joining the two together?

The light is more powerful than darkness. Maybe that's all I need to remember today.

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txdave said...

Nice blog, interesting reading. Maybe some photos, some color to liven it up a bit, see wht I mean:

good luck