Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Encouragement:What a Difference a Friend Makes

"Depression is a very big deal
Why is it that I am talking about depression?
By: Vokisha Hayes
It may seem like I am talking about something that may not seem to be a big deal. But depression is a very BIG deal with teens today. Some people many not see it but depression is really racking every teens life and it’s getting more and more common mainly in more teenage girls than boys."
This from an article in the Forest Blade in Ga.

It seems everywhere I look, there is more disturbing data on depression. How are we dealing with it? Do we understand depression costs us billions of dollars every year? Americans believe physical and mental health are equally important...but they are not treated with equal importance.

"I needed help. I was in so much pain," Ashley Judd said on battling depression.

When your world falls apart, who do you turn to? Certainly there are angels among us, watching over us. But what about someone you can touch and feel? Someone who really cares about you and is willing to listen.

Often that is the best beginning. Dr. Carl Brecheen says, "The main thing people need is someone who will listen to them with a sympathetic ear and will be supportive of them in times of real difficulty."

I think we can all try that.

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