Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Encouragement for Kids

What do kids need most for Christmas? I submit kids need time, love and encouragement more than they need things.

"Every child on this earth has an overwhelming desire to be loved, to be wanted, to be appreciated. To the extent that we can fulfill this desire will we find happiness ourselves," an unknown genius once said.

Competition for positive input into a child's life is at an all-time high. Have you ever thought about the words your child hears every day? "Do this, do that, put away, can't you do anything right, why can't you remember to do," not to mention the jostling and bullying that goes on with their peers.

Many children go to bed hungry for food in the world, but perhaps many more are hungry for encouraging affirming words. By practicing positive phrases, you can make a difference in your child's life this Christmas season.

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crpitt said...

Lovely words Kay. I hope the world of blog is becoming a little clearer?