Tuesday, December 5, 2006

The Power of Words

I feel validated and encouraged. My pastor spoke this past Sunday on what words do to us. I've known what they can do for a long time and I'm sure you have to. But maybe in the business of life, you have forgotten the impact they have. More on this later.

Last night it happened to me. A friend encouraged me with words. I was amazed at the simplicity of what he said and how it made me feel. "I think you are so brave to tackle that project."

I stood straighter and smiled. A warm glow enveloped me. I am carrying those words with me today. Someone else may decide to devastate me with words. But I will carry the light inside...and remember to pass it on before it goes out.


crpitt said...

Hello, Just checking out your blog again to see how its going, since i reviewed it.
Words have a lot of power, but make sure you are really listening to them, well thats what i have been learning in my counselling course.
Your blog is going well, the posts re a nice length.
I am not sure about the orange colour though (but thats personal choice)
Also the more you comment on other peoples blog, the more traffic you will have back to yours! if they like what you have written i am sure they will leave a comment.
Keep on blogging and encouraging!

txdave said...

Nice blog, interesting reading, maybe more color, some photos to liven up a bit, see wht I mean:

good luck