Saturday, March 10, 2007

Encouragement by Letter Writing

March 15 is Camp Fire USA's National Letter Writing Day to an Absolutely Incredible Kid. This could be your kid or your grandkid, niece, nephew or just any kid you know. You'll never know what a few words can do to impact a life forever.

You are encouraged to write a letter of affirmation, love, inspiration and appreciation to the kids knowing that you can make a lasting positive influence for the rest of their life. Putting words into a letter allows recipients to return and read the words over and over for future guidance, direction and positive influence.

I know several friends who keep an encouragement file and when life gets tough--instead of giving in--they read all the encouraging notes and cards they have received. It really is a powerful way to improve your mental attitude quickly.

Simple steps to take to get started.
Put words on a pretty piece of paper or nice note that they will want to keep.
Begin with a favorite quote or poem that inspires you.
Think of a list of adjectives that best describe the child and mention these in the note; helpful, caring, honest, good with numbers, works hard, plays basketball well, thinks of others...
Remember specific fun times that you have shared together and tell the child what you enjoyed most.
Be optimistic and focus on positive traits that you would like to see developed in the child.
Speak affirmative phrases over the child.
This is a great way to leave a legacy of love for a special child in your life.
Just a moment of your time can impact a young life forever!

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