Thursday, March 8, 2007

Encouragement Help for Depression

The latest statistics on depression are sobering. One in four Americans will become clinically depressed by age 75 and that figure is ten times higher than 60 years ago, according to Steve Ilardi, associate professor of psychology at the University of Kansas. What is going on? What is happening to us? How can Americans be so empty with so much stuff around us?

Professor Ilardi preaches several elements of change with roots in the stone age to help modern humans deal with depressive illness. Several of these I have advocated in It is not complicated.

The team identifies six disappearing factors that are compromised by contemporary culture: exercise, omega-3 consumption, exposure to sunlight, sleep, social connectedness(human connections), and anti-ruminative behavior(positive self-talk). More on this later.

These are fairly easy-to-accomplish goals with several exceptions. It takes hard work and it takes courage. You can do it. I can help!

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Lucy said...

The post is very encouragive and the suggestions are very hopeful. I was very much depressed when I lost my previous job. Even it is not my fault. I was so depressed, but I am not a kind of person with negative mind. I desperately wanted to come out. All I need at that time was support and continuous effort and I got it in the form of beat depression challenge.