Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Encouragement for Moms

"You're the Mom and you're supposed to protect her," the older brother finally said to Olive's mother in Little Miss Sunshine.

Olive, the pageant-crazy child, trying to get to California for the Little Miss Sunshine contest, had no inkling what she was up against. And her parents, too caught up in their own chaotic lives, could not give her the support she needed at that time. What a parenting lesson we all can learn...

Only the eccentric Grandpa understood the insecurities Olive felt when he encouraged her to practice her routine, "a loser is someone who is so afraid of losing, they won't even try."

My sister Joan(April 14th blog) is an excellent mom who believes moms need to stand up for their children. When my nephews come home from school, my sister is the first line of defense the boys encounter after a day of completing assignments, competing for teachers attention, jostling among classmates, vying for friends affections.

She goes on the offense to ask positive questions about the day and listens beneath the layers to uncover any real problems that might be loitering. She is aware of what goes on and sometimes reframes negative experiences instead of letting them complain.

She gives them a snack--physical nourishment for their bodies, and then some emotional encouragement for their souls. In a perfect world, moms are supposed to do that...protect their kids.

If you are fortunate to have a good mom, encourage her for Mother's Day. If you are a mom, be encouraged.
What you do, does make a difference!

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