Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Encouragement for Moms (part 2)

Maybe you feel pain when thinking about Mother's Day. Maybe you weren't brought up in 'normal' circumstances. Maybe you feel abandoned as a mother or as a child or are suffering in unjust circumstances. It's tough, it hurts. But your outlook can be the difference for an abundant attitude, no matter your situation.

You can overcome. How?

One way is by looking and listening to others life stories. You soon find out you are not alone in the realm of suffering. You are never alone. The human heart and spirit are capable of overcoming obstacles of gigantic proportions. Often, one never knows how strong they are til they go through the valley. Funny how that works.

I'm thinking of Cathy Meyers, a sweet mother of middle-school boys, who instead of complaining, is fighting cancer with all her strength, because she wants to be there for her boys. Her inspiring story challenges me to do what I can to encourage and help make life easier for her and many others struggling.

I read the story of Victoria Rowell who spent her young life in foster care. Instead of feeling pity, she has written a book, blessing the many mother-mentors who have nurtured and challenged her. More importantly, she serves as an advocate for children in foster care to ensure they know what it means to be loved. She encourages me to show love and gratitude for my family, instead of noticing their imperfections.

Awareness of others problems inspires me to reach beyond my world and risk spending time and energy in the encouraging realm. In the process I forget about myself and become blessed.

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