Sunday, April 29, 2007

Encouragement for Me

Encourage me. Tonight I feel a little depressed. OK I feel alot depressed. I ask myself, 'Why? What happened in my world today? Can I get through this tough stuff that life is throwing at me?'

It's important to realize my emotions as I retrace my steps and figure out what I can to do to stop the downward spiral of depressing thoughts.

First of all I'm tired. Too many obligations this weekend and not enough sleep leaves me depleted when tough situations arise. I can change that by getting to bed early tonight.

Secondly, I'm hurting for a loved one's uncertain circumstances. I cannot change anything about that. However, I can encourage her to persevere, infuse her with courage to keep going and even carry her when she gets too weak.

Instead of worrying, I will go for a walk, talk to God and soon realize that I have no control over another's life. He knows what is best for His children. Prayer-walking is a positive action that encourages and energizes me almost immediately.

Now I feel calm as I realize she will work through this on her own, emerge stronger, more confident, able to solve future problems with dignity and God's grace.

"My struggles make me strong," are the words I just heard on the radio. I can surrender anxiety to that encouraging thought and take it with me wherever I go.

Sleep, self-talk, space, surrender. All part of the encouraging process for me tonight. Life is a journey and we all must find our way out of the woods.
There is always hope.

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Peggy said...

Kay -

Finally getting a chance to check out your blog after you commented on mine last week. Great job!

I really resonate with your posting about needing encouragement yourself. I blogged about the same thing just a few minutes ago - and you are right, SLEEP is key! More here:

Hope you are feeling energized and positive soon!

The Career Encourager