Monday, August 20, 2007

Attributes of an Encourager

I am passionate about being an encourager because it has made and continues to make a difference in my life. In a world of hurting people, I want to be that kind of life line to others. So it's essential to my journey to relate whatever words I hear and read to encouragement.

Yesterday Pastor Mike gave several clues that helped me discover more secrets of How to encourage

An encourager is a refresher of the saints.

How do we do this?

An encourager cares deeply for others. Paul said this about his co-worker, "there is no one else like Timothy who takes a genuine interest in your welfare."

He was 'same-souled' toward the people he was serving. "He feels passionate about you, you are never out of his heart."

He loved Paul like family. "Timothy served with me as a son with his father."

He was proven faithful in service; he did not bail out when times were tough. "He(Epaphroditus) was ill and almost died for the work of Christ."

He exhibited empathy for hurting partners; "Epaphroditus longed for them" and had deep desire to come along side them in their struggles.

Paul was encouraged and cheered when he heard news of such vibrant faith and caring lifestyles. "Your love has given me great joy and encouragement because you have refreshed the hearts of the saints."

If some are willing to die for the cause of Christ, can not my goal be to live for this cause?

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Barbara said...

Encouraging one another in our lives and in our faith is so important. I find that so many of the tribulations I face in life give me encouragement to offer to others in those same areas, once I've come through. I also find that praying for someone causes you to care deeper about them. And when you care deeply encouragement flows naturally.

Wonderful work you are doing here!