Friday, August 17, 2007

Encouragement for Change

My bright, educated, independent daughter called me on the phone the other day extremely frustrated and discouraged. Her present company was just purchased by a competitor, her immediate boss quit and office morale, hers included, was low.

What words could I say to encourage, yet respect the process she needed to use this situation as a time for growth and possible change in her professional life?

Because I know her well, I understood she would be anxious and fearful of the many unknowns in her future. New contacts, resumes, interviews, possible rejections all loomed dauntingly before her.

My words chosen carefully just for her were, "every new opportunity gives you a reason to contemplate, grow and change, which is good. People want to stay the same because it is safe, but you will never know how far you can go til you try. Be courageous, be creative and consider each new circumstance as a gift to yourself. With your potential, skills and attitude you should go far. However it is a process, so in the meantime be positive in your attitude, gentle with your feelings and give the plan time to develop completely. Let me know how it goes."

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