Monday, September 10, 2007

Encouragement for the Struggles

"There are times in every life
when we feel hurt or alone...
But I believe that these times
when we feel lost
and all around us seems
to be falling apart
are really bridges of growth.

We struggle and try to recapture
the security of what was,
but almost in spite of ourselves...
we emerge on the other side
with a new understanding,
a new awareness,
a new strength.

It is almost as though
we must go through the pain
and the struggle
in order to grow
and reach new heights."
Sue Mitchell

We become more adept at rising to the challenge each time we go through something hard. Every time we come through--with flying colors or just barely--gives us another deposit in our emotional bank account of courage, confidence and creativity to keep going to the next step in our journey.

Never give up.
Go towards your goal.
You will make it.

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