Thursday, September 13, 2007

Need Encouragement Myself!

After months of being passionate and posting about How to encourage I find myself in a curious and precarious position. I need encouragement!

I am taking a hiking/camping trip with my husband's family to the Grand Canyon. Now I love to walk and do so everyday, however hiking down into the canyon itself gives me claustrophobia. "Can't we just go half of the way?" I begged my husband to no avail. Everything we need to live--eat, sleep, body functions, etc. has to be carried in and out--on my back.

It is hot and cold down in the canyon. How do I know what I will need when? What if I fall or sprain an ankle? Supposedly 20 people a day are carried out from dehydration. What if we see wild animals or snakes? All in all it sounds like a scary trip. I can think of many places I'd love to go if I take 5 days off work that have fluffy beds, great restaurants and maybe a spa or two. This sounds way too much like work itself. Just getting all the supplies we'll need for the trip is a big job in itself.

Friends say, "you'll feel so good about yourself when you accomplish it." I like myself right now. "Your kids will be so proud of you." Involved in their own lives they might--for about a minute.

So please give me words of encouragement. Especially those that have taken this trip before me. Or anybody else who enjoys encouraging strangers.

I need encouragement!

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