Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Legacy of Encouragement

Do you want your life to count for something? Do you want to live a life that matters...leave a legacy of with a purpose?

Time on this earth is short, just a moment in all of time, a temporary assignment. There are hurting people all around and worthwhile projects to accomplish. Imagine how good it will feel to look back at your life and know you've made a difference in your world.

There are many benefits to living a life for others, not only to those you help, but yourself also.

Good deeds or in this case, giving encouragement, nourishes your inner being-the core of who you are.

Angelina Jolie saw her mom doing nice things for others and that left a life changing impact on her. "It made her(Marcheline Bertrand's)life very happy and fulfilled. Her simple acts of kindness left a huge impression on me."

When she was in her twenties Angelina's life wasn't helping anyone, much less herself. "It's not that I had lost my way, but that I hadn't found my way," she says.

After many years of aimless living, she found fulfillment in helping underprivileged children. It ignited a fire inside and she found purpose and passion working to alleviate poverty in whatever way she could.

Look around.
Life is a test entrusted to you.
Find your way.
Leave a legacy.

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