Saturday, October 6, 2007

Encouragement to Lighten Up and Laugh

Did you know that a life of laughter makes for a longer life? At least plus eight years, the experts say. I saw a child giggle with delight playing with a puppy the other night. It was wonderful.

I live in an intense household. We are a driven family with academic scholarships, sports trophies and accolades galore. The motto instilled in my kids' head was, "if it's worth doing, it's worth doing right.' Although at times, the stress level was high in our home, we never had to check to see if homework was done. My children were and still are self-motivated in whatever they do.

My hard-working parents told me to "get your work done before you play."
"A good work ethic will get you wherever you want to go."
"Work hard so that your boss will not be able to get along without you."
Excellent advice that makes for high achievers.

However, do I know what 'having fun' is? I live my life from a list and I get satisfaction in crossing off each job. But where is the laughter? Is that what I want to pass on? Forget about a legacy, is that how I want to live my life in the here and now?

There are many ways to live a life. Being productive is powerful. Finding my passion might be better. Balance is the best. The to-do list does not have to be checked off every night. The load could be lifted.

Lighten up and laugh a little. Live life longer.

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Shirley said...

Love your blog, Kay! One way to laugh is to be put in a room with 15 toddlers and 2 old ladies (like ourselves!!) What a hoot! Encouragers are a treasure...keep it up! You go, girl!

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