Monday, December 17, 2007


Whew! I need a reminder of the real reason for this season. All I seem to be doing is rushing, rushing, rushing, and buying, buying, buying and what for?

"Christmas is just days away
and once again I am eaten up
with my annual insecurities.
Materialism and self-doubt
dominate my thoughts.

or so it seems,
we receive another full color catalog.
Their glamorous offerings
not only tempt me to lust after things
I do not need and cannot afford,
but they also raise doubts
about my ability
to provide for those I love.
I mean,
if I don't shower my family
with the latest fashions
and electronic gear,
them maybe I'm not really
a loving father/mother or a generous parent.
On another level,
all this glitz and holiday hype
stimulates my personal insecurities.

I'm too short,
too heavy,
too old.
As a result I'm tempted
to go on a spending spree
in a misguided attempt
to make myself acceptable,
to become one of the "beautiful people."

Help me Lord.
Remind me again
that the true message of Christmas
affirms my worth apart of what I have,
or what I do.
Help me to remember
that You became the "Son of man,"
that we might become the sons of God.
Now that's the real meaning of Christmas
and it proves I am a person of eternal value
even if I can't afford the latest fashions
or electronic gear.
Richard Exley
Thank you, Richard, for saying so well what I am feeling. I needed this today.

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