Saturday, December 8, 2007

Encouragement to Seek a Spiritual Celebration

Our souls need Christmas.

If this season was only about commercialized gift giving and frantic activity, it might have run its course years ago. But it didn't, because it's more than that. It is necessary to be aware in the depth of our heart the origin of this Season. To understand that God reached down and gave to the earth, His love in the form of a baby, who would one day become its Saviour.

We need to make each day a holy day, understand the true meaning for our celebrations and find spiritual fulfillment at our core. We need time to begin again in our inner lives and time for renewal, rededication and rejoicing.

Therefore let's make Christmas even more special with spiritual celebrations. Let's delight in Christmas to the fullest. Let's forget what we want and learn generosity of the heart. Let's really listen to words of the songs and give thanks for the gift that was given us. Let's worship with genuine joy and not empty words spoken out of obligation. Let's seek the true Christmas Spirit this season.

Our souls will be grateful.

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