Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Gift of Encouragement from our Struggles

Life is full of struggles and suffering. At best, there are moments of enjoyment, but somehow they are fleeting. Although no one wants to admit this, I think when we fully comprehend we can better accept what we are given. Maybe even be grateful and understand that good can come from our troubles.

"Struggling, the gift in disguise...
that makes the simple wise...
the dilemma we don't understand
how God can bring beauty from ashes
as part of His plan...

One tool God may use
to make us whole.
Can our sufferings train us to care,
instructing how to carry other's
burdens that they bear?
Developing in us empathy,
granting us new eyes to see.
To share another's journey within..."

I love the words of Marie Scott as she describes what happens inside as we endure. From her own painful experiences, she 'gets' that she can encourage others in the midst of her pain.

Although no one wants to find this under their tree, this is it--the 'gift of suffering.' It can develop a spacious heart, with new awarenesses, so that we can see and encourage others with open eyes.

Lord, help me to get it and see what you want me to.

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