Thursday, January 24, 2008

Encouragement Chain

Did you ever say or do something that caused a chain reaction?

You know how it works. You are miserable, tired, depressed, hurt or angry about something and the next remark to your daughter, spouse or good friend turns into a nasty hurtful comment.

The letdown they feel after that exchange lingers on in their world and they pass it on to the next person they come in contact with. Even your beloved pet might run away from you when the downward spiral starts and continues on.

What does it take to change and reverse the cycle?

I've found when someone encourages or inspires me, it elevates my whole attitude to a higher level. I want to pass along the energy I receive to the next person I meet. Encouraging words spoken and special unexpected gifts given brighten my whole day. A simple genuine compliment can uplift for several weeks.

How about you? Can you be the catalyst that starts the encouragement chain in your world?

Try it today!

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