Monday, March 31, 2008

Proof Positive Encouragement Works!

Do you ever wonder if it is worth it...does encouragement really work?

Maybe you are tired of trying to encourage others because you question if it really makes a difference. Who cares if you say encouraging words to your family, friends or colleagues?

Here are some excerpts from letters written by students to their favorite teacher/coach. Maybe these words will encourage you to see with renewed vigor that you can make a difference with words.

"Throughout the season, you continually encouraged me and treated me just the same as my teammates. I learned the meaning of teamwork through your guidance. You taught me to realize that no matter what I face in life, if I put my mind to something and have a passion for it, I can achieve my goals."

"From the first day that I walked into the gym as a timid freshman to the last game of my senior year, you have always been an encouragement to me. You have cared for me as a person, and you have believed in me throughout my basketball career. Because you believed in me, you have proven to me that I could accomplish things that I did not think were possible."

"I know that I can always come to you with questions, problems or when I need a word of encouragement."

Proof positive that you can make a difference with encouraging words. Keep encouraging. Your world needs it.

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