Monday, April 7, 2008

Encouraging Words

A friend shared this story with me yesterday and proved once again that encouragement does make a difference.

She was talking to her mother who was worried because her adult son could not get home from an overseas trip. It seems the plane had problems in mid-air and so had to return to the country he visited to get it checked out.

As can be expected, mom was very worried and stressed that her son could not get home when he was supposed to.

My friend, knowing her mom could go into a negative emotional tailspin, decided to use encouraging words.

"Mom, we should be thankful that they discovered the problem and could turn that plane around to fix it before they got very far."

She actually could not believe how the negative turned to positive with encouraging words.

"My mom's attitude made an amazing change for good with those few simple words."

Watch and listen. You can make a difference with your words.

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