Thursday, April 10, 2008

Encouraging Words That Last

Mary Busha reminded me again of the importance and enjoyment of encouraging words to both the giver and receiver, in a short article in my church bulletin, several weeks ago.

In this age of non-personal technology, sending encouraging words in email, card or letter form, takes a small amount of time in proportion to the boost in spirit it can give.

WHAT do you write about?
Mary says, anything short, simple and to the point...or there doesn't have to be any point at all. "This is just to let you know how much I love you, or appreciate you."
Or how about "keep up the good work."

WHEN should you encourage others?
Look around and pay attention. Start with your family members. Then branch out to others who cross paths with you each day. As long as a person is breathing, you can bet they need encouragement. Sometimes there is a reason a friend you haven't seen for a while comes to your mind.

WHY should you encourage others with written words?
There is a feeling of energy and empowerment that comes with encouraging someone else. Words last forever and can be read over and over when life becomes a struggle. When someone sends me an encouraging words' email or note I put them in my encouraging words' file so I can reread when I've had a bad day. They are much too precious to part with.

Give it a try. It's a small but valuable investment in another's life that will pay huge dividends for both the giver and the receiver.

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