Sunday, April 19, 2009


“Thirteen-year-old Jennifer was the proverbial square peg in a round hole. Fellow students teased her unmercifully, yet she decided to turn out for track. Marcy, the coach, felt drawn to the lonely girl from the start. She longed for Jennifer to do her best. Every day at practice she drilled into her, "You have the makings of a winner. You can do it." Jennifer practiced hard.

On the day of the track meet no one paid much attention when Jennifer was up to run the mile. Then someone pointed across the field. Legs working like well-oiled pistons, Jennifer surged ahead of the others -- and won! Other successes followed until Jennifer went on to the state competition and did well.

Those few little words, "You can do it" had created a winner.

Dear Lord,
help me never to be
so busy I fail to encourage,
especially those who
silently cry out for my help
and can do great things
if someone believes in them.”

Coming soon! Watch for some exciting help to get this message out to your loved ones.

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