Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Fear is your Friend if you can control it.
Cus D'Amato Famed boxing trainer

"True courage is not about being fearless; it's about overcoming fear, going ahead with something worthwhile even though you're terrified.

The first time I(Bill O'Reilly) faced a TV camera, as a reporter, I was afraid of screwing up. But I never gave in to the fear, I persisted. And, after every on-camera appearance, I got better and mentally stronger. I overcame the fear. I believe that overcoming fear is an essential key to living a useful and honorable life. Taming fear also trains a person to stand up to injustice.

While preparing to invade Sicily in 1943, General Patton instructed his men to "Never take counsel of your fears." Simply put, Patton was acknowledging that every human being, even hardened military personnel, is afraid at times, but a leader cannot give in to fear, cannot allow it to dictate behavior or alter thinking.

That adage should be taught in every American school. Alas, in our soft and disturbingly selfish society, it never will be. But to make a difference in this world, to right wrongs and to truly combat eveil, you must never let your fears control you.

In your own life, you can slap down fear by following Nancy Reagan's advice and just saying no to it. Patton and most other great American leaders understood that.
Now, hopefully, so do you."

A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity, Bill O'Reilly
Chapter 3-FEAR

(I highly recommend reading Bill's funny-tough story about still standing and even walking off the football field as he faced his fears and some big defensive goliaths while trying to rally the third string football team to keep on taking the beating!)