Monday, July 13, 2009

TIME Encouragement

Our pastor shared he was having a conversation with his son about what he liked best on their boundary waters camping trip. He expected him to talk about the fishing, camping, games played, friends that were on the trip; so was surprised his answer was, ‘time spent with you Dad.’

Some time ago a paper went around that said ‘what Ryan Holladay (11 years old) and his friends want their parents to know.’ The time issues were huge.

• Always make time for me.
• We can sit around and talk, read a book, or do something else.
• I want to know you like to spend time with me.
• I like it when you have fun with me.
• Take time to explain things to me.
• Take me on short errands with you if I want to go.
• Try not to miss my ball games, school plays, or activities that are special to me.
• Family activities really make me feel close to everyone.

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