Saturday, August 15, 2009

Why Encouragement?

Our world needs encouragement…a world ravaged by depression and death, fear and frenetic activity, sorrow and strife, a world that saps life from our souls. At times the darkness threatens to overwhelm us.

How do we learn to live with encouraged hearts, with energy and purpose instead of listlessness, boredom and discouragement? How do we combat the negative messages this out of control culture gives us every day?

I believe the answer lies in the attitude of encouragement. In fact, I am passionate about encouragement because it has worked for me and I have witnessed its power in countless others in my realm of relationships.

Just the other evening, I saw a friend lift up her head, in spite of difficult circumstances because someone said simple words ‘you have shown amazing courage in the midst of your pain.’ They noticed her, spoke significant words that understood what she was going through and gave support by their presence.

Encouragement Works!

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