Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Give the Gift of Encouragement with Inspirational Bracelets

Each One Lovingly Handcrafted in the Mountains of Nepal, Supporting Impoverished Families!

Looking for something special to encourage and motivate your loved one when you are not with them? Remind them that you are behind them 100 percent when they wear the new "GO FOR IT" and "YOU CAN DO IT" bracelet.

These unique bracelets are made from hand carved water buffalo bone and hand carved beads. The cords used to tie the tiles together have an adjustable slip knot that provides correct sizing for most wrists so you don't have to worry about sizing.

How can you encourage others when you are not with them every day? Is someone you know fearful when taking that big test or trying out for the team? Or maybe lacks courage to stand up for herself in a difficult situation?

Maybe you long to hear these words-you can do it-when you face a difficult challenge. Remember the power of words of the Little Red Caboose saying 'I think I can, I think I can, I know I can,' as he chugged up the hill?

Now you can instill that same inspiring spirit in your loved ones and even yourself with the new GO FOR IT and YOU CAN DO IT bracelet. These words will give friends and family courage, comfort and confidence to be and do their best as they see these powerful phrases on their wrist.

Sometimes it is your presence and sometimes it is a present that makes the difference in another's life.

You can impact others with the right words even if you are not with them everyday. When they need the courage to face that test or tryout for the team, they will see this encouraging message and know someone is rooting for them to GO FOR IT!

Help them find their own power when they read this encouraging message on their bracelet, GO FOR IT or YOU CAN DO IT!

The battle for courage begins and is won by believing. These powerful words will help them believe in themselves to find their own potential and give them strength to take that extra step.

Full Circle Encouragement

When you purchase this gift, encouragement will come full circle as you make a difference in the lives of the poorest of poor around the world by insuring employment for single mothers and underprivileged families with these fair trade items.

Guardian Village Handicrafts provides women and impoverished families with fair trade business opportunities. They supply vocational training in handmade jewelry, crafted Lokta paper products and other accessories. The sale of these handicrafts helps to fund the Guardian Children's Home where care and quality education are provided for children rescued from slavery and other abusive environments. Your purchase of these products promotes holistic community environments.

Special Introductory offer--Purchase the How to Encourage ebook and How to Encourage Children ebook for only $15.00 and get a FREE encouragement bracelet plus free shipping.

Please indicate which bracelet you would prefer and include address where you would like bracelet shipped.

The ebook title is: How To Encourage —Discover the Secret Words You Can Use To Empower Family, Friends, and Colleagues and How to Encourage Children

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