Saturday, October 17, 2009


Listen to this story about a black mom named Jesse, who grew up in a family of eleven in the south, could not see a future where she was, so at eighteen, she caught a train to NY City, married a man who charmed the socks off her and had three small children. Then, when she realized he was charming other items of clothing off other women, Jesse, with no education or resources took her three small children, went back home to the south, and moved into the projects of Raleigh NC-this is a true story. She made a home for herself and her three children; one of her favorite things to do was waking up early, sitting on her porch drinking coffee and visiting with neighbors as they went off to work.

But then the sixties came and things changed drastically; drugs swept through the communities and neighborhoods became slums. Children wandered around hungry and alone, left to grow up by their own devices.

So Jesse began to get up early for a new reason. Morning and night, Jesse baked two dozen biscuits. Any child who was hungry was welcome at her table; sometimes she could even give them more. She became the neighborhood mom, a dependable stable adult in these kids’ hard lonely lives. Later in her life, she could have moved out, but she stayed because she felt the call of God right where she was, in the midst of poverty and great need. As the years went on, she rallied others to help with after-school programs and a police station in the area. Though in her eighties, she can still see the faces of the children whose lives she touched…

Listen moms, what you offer your kids in this season of life makes a difference. Your two dozen biscuits offered to your world makes a difference. If you let Him, God will take those ordinary moments and make them extraordinary.

My challenge to you is--as your focus becomes less of what you want and more of what you can give, there is meaning in whatever season of life you are in, whatever you do.


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