Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I love how Mary Seeger Weese of Midway Presbyterian Church of Midway Ky. explains God’s love to us. “He loves us recklessly and wants us to have…a deep, wide, rich, consuming, over-the-top extravagant life.”

Instead of tight-fisted and penny pinching, He then wants us to become extravagant spenders of time with our family and time with Him.

That takes me to the encouraging realm and reminds me how we need to move out of our comfort zone and really give ourselves to others this season.

We can share gourmet meals with the hungry and less fortunate. We can splurge on conversation with friends and the lonely. We can indulge in patience for all those who are working extra hard so we can enjoy the season. We can give love and grace with abandon instead of more stuff that we accumulate and then discard.

God promises that we will never run out of love for Him and people, because He will keep on giving His love to us.

These are the gifts of Christmas that always keeps on giving. Anyone can do it. Anyone can be that kind of person.

That is encouragement enough for me.

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