Monday, January 25, 2010


I admit I have been depressed lately. I'm not sure all the reasons why and I do believe in searching my soul first to find out what some of the real reasons could be. Maybe I must face the fact that living in this fallen world can cause emotional pain and only when I reach heaven will all my fears and tears be over.

Sometimes it can be traced to physical needs. Have I gotten enough sleep lately? How about my eating habits? I did give up sugar after the holidays and it has helped immensely. Have I been consistent with my exercise program? I think I am back on track getting my heart rate up which correlates directly with my energy level.

Maybe I need some good girl-friend time. In my life, friends have provided much encouragement, pointing my thinking to the Truth when I have veered off-course. Just verbalizing what is going on inside of me to a genuine interested ear brings encouragment.

Sometimes we think only professionals can help and of course there are occasions for experts who are trained in these fields. But God has placed within His body the resources to minister to needy people and some of them can be our friends. The goal is to learn to take the ointment of His Word and apply it to hurting people.

I'm dialing her number now.

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