Monday, January 18, 2010


Scientists have proven that as women we use thousands of words everyday, (I don’t know--did we really need science to tell us that?) I read last week that women spend between sixteen and twenty thousand words a day. Now, add the MOM factor, and I definitely think we get bonus points!

As you and I spend our twenty thousand words today – what messages are we telling our loved ones, whether directly, or indirectly, about who they are, about what their family thinks of them, about who God is and exactly how He views them?

A huge part of what makes our homes the type of home where our kids can dwell well – are the messages we communicate to them day in and day out through our words. Words are powerful and we can use them to discourage or encourage, sometimes without our awareness. That’s why I believe we need to understand how we can destroy or build up with our words.

Go to for more information on encouraging words.


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