Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Some time ago a friend was struggling with some health issues, and knowing she enjoyed the beach, I invited several other friends to beach walk—a refreshing evening vacation. As we watched the ebb and flow of the waves bringing in the tide, we realized a cycle bigger than ourselves and our problems. So we started the ‘beach club’, a nurturing night out for us…walking on and experiencing area beaches. I have never encountered such an incredibly healing time in my life.

This past week I was privileged to visit some friends in Florida. I also got to walk on the beach 3 days which always does good things for my heart and soul, especially because it is winter where I live.

Beach-walking is one of my favorite activities and gives me perspective in my life. As I watch the waves coming in and going out again same time every day I realize the precise power and order of creation. I know there is a great God who has everything under His control and yet cares about me.

My soul begins to settle down and soak in the wonder of nature as I try to take in all the ocean views. I look at my life with fresh eyes seeing my circumstances in a new light. I agree with Beth Moore as she calls this ‘reframing’ the big picture of your life.

Somehow my world makes sense and healing is taking place yet again. I am grateful to be alive. Thank you Lord for your wonderful world.

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