Monday, March 15, 2010


Sometimes I just want to numb myself so I don't have to feel the pain. Life is full of pain. Lots of us do anesthetize ourselves-some more frequently-by alcohol, drugs, sex, shopping, even 'innocent activities' such as constantly cleaning our homes. I know that when I don't feel, I invite addictions into my life and that keeps me engaging in the ache, however awful it may be. I found this poem that describes the process perfectly. Maybe you will feel encouraged after reading and feeling the emotions involved as I did.

Escape Routes
When I long to deaden the pain
grant me strength to refrain.
Refrain from escape routes,
where I am tempted to choose
(sin) to rid myself of the blues.
When I run after other gods,
reveal their source as frauds.
Draw me into Your arms,
that I might not fall
for deceptions' charms.
Prone to look, prone to seek,
enticed to wander when I am weak
tempted to give in when all is bleak.
There are false pleasures to find,
to escape from my heart and mind
when loneliness and fear intertwine.
But my idols drain and dry,
they never satisfy
what I try to gratify.
Grant me wisdom I will need,
to resist where temptations lead
that Your grace would supersede,
and from idols I might recede.

Have mercy O Lord, hear my prayer,
hold me close when I am in despair
help me to avoid evil's snare.
Marie Scott

Amen, Marie. Thank you for putting hope and courage into beautiful words.

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